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Oct 7, 2013
interesting the downers hit ya so hard (and will this I'm sure) when what you speak is sad truth..
Even saw that plenty in the military when I was in.
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Oct 7, 2013
Wally is a light year ahead of the PHB - he really should be the CEO of the company.....
Oct 7, 2013
This is the sad reality when every place becomes crazy-town. If you don't do anything, nobody notices you not doing it, but if you actually DO do something job-related, you're scrutinized.
Oct 7, 2013
I am so ashamed that this idea never occurred to me. I imagine that managers phones will be a-ringing off the hook come next rating time.
Oct 7, 2013
No, jwbaronvanheemstra, the beauty of this strip is that Wally is mentoring Asok. Wally, too, was once an idealistic young engineer (check out a few of the Dilbert episodes on Hulu for proof), until the daily grind NEARLY ground him down. Instead, his innate “goodness” for the company eventually evolved into “betterness” for himself, and thus he will not only be Asok’s role model for his future, but has been one for many of us for decades.
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