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Nov 6, 2013
Scott, Love this one,

Took me ages to find out how to close the Fre-king Skype
Turns out just right click and close skype takes 2 additional confirmations though
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Nov 6, 2013
There is the "Quit Skype" option when you right click it in taskbar
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Nov 6, 2013
Right click on icon. Select "Quit Skype". Why is that so difficult?
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Nov 6, 2013
And all this time I thought Skype had it in for me personally, maybe as a weird punishment for some unspeakable act.
Nov 6, 2013
Whoah, I didn't realise others had that problem! You right click on Skype and click 'Close window' and precisely nothing happens. Only way I could do it was through Task Manager.

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