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Nov 15, 2013
From Wiki-
"When cleaning up mold it is important to avoid breathing in mold or mold spores, as this can have major health implications. To avoid airborne mold exposure you should wear a respirator to protect your lungs. Half-face or full-face respirators have removable cartridges that will stop the mold spores from entering your nose or mouth. A full-face respirator will also protect your eyes."

I wonder if there is a product that can protect the ears and brain from PHB's mold.
Nov 15, 2013
@BritTim: ....should not be too exhuming.
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Nov 15, 2013
This may work...
I see myself in the mold of steve jobs.
Me veo a mí mismo en el molde de steve jobs.
मैं स्टीव नौकरियों के सांचे में खुद को देखते हैं.
Nov 15, 2013
The first panel is the funniest. Then the next two panels should just be Dilbert and Alice staring at the PHB, marveling at the disconnect he has with reality.
Nov 15, 2013
PHB is right for a change; they're both real piece of work.
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