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Nov 18, 2013
So, Dilbert is saying that he ´ll pay Wally next week...
Nov 18, 2013
Hey, they shileding on that works 2 ways. Protects "important" information from escaping to the competion, and "managment" information escaping to the company.
General iprovment to productitity.

Now if there wasn't some way to make it more comfortable? we could line it with soundproof foam.
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Nov 16, 2013
And the PHB has the latest technology - in the old days, we just used tin foil. What an amazing world we are living in. Not only are the waves kept from getting in there, but so are the brain worms....
Nov 16, 2013
I think they should have painted PHB's face on the can. Then they could tell him to turn it around to see who was behind him.
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Nov 16, 2013
PHB should have realized it was a con when Wally mentioned reading his brain waves.

Time to empty the trash?
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