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Nov 24, 2013
PHB doesn't sit around all the time- he has unproductive meetings to go to, ambush employees in their cubicles to distract them and try to hobnob with the higher ups.
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Nov 17, 2013
@kennethctaylor You're right and so is Rickapolis. Wally created an actual win-win scenario. And did it without costing a fortune in waste and sending morale soaring into the 2nd sub-basement as is the normal result.
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Nov 17, 2013
Wouldn't that three years figure imply that the person was actually glued to his seat working non-stop? Wally never allows himself that kind of stress!
Nov 17, 2013
Ah, Wally can now justify sitting at his desk drinking coffee because he has been ordered to.....
Nov 17, 2013
Come on, Wally ALREADY walks around and drinks coffee all day. And, therefore, as has been pointed out, will survive management. And Wally will be able to plant his flag, (or coffee mug), on PHB's desk in triumph.
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