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Dec 2, 2013
Thought Diversity is a great concept that works best when a new idea can be hijacked and used as the boss's own idea.

Otherwise thought diversity is just window dressing along with theoretical sick days, impossible to schedule vacations, working holidays, expensive affordable healthcare, and the old fashioned coffee break.
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Dec 2, 2013
The PHB problem. He needs people to build his empire, but he basically hates people. So his solution is to hire for headcount then ignore their ideas. And treat them just badly enough that they hate to come to work but won't quit.
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Dec 2, 2013
Every tyrant throughout history has at some point quoted panel 2. Just before shooting the dissenters, leaving only yes-men. Some call it natural selection.
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Dec 2, 2013

nah... it means that Catbert, like Wally and Dilbert, take great sport in playing PHB like a ping pong ball, whereas Alice usually just goes for the kill. So there is diversity of thought, and style!
Dec 2, 2013
Does this mean catburt cares what PHB thinks of him?
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