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Dec 3, 2013
Does PHB know how to turn on that tablet? It's always on the desk in front of him. But it looks so cold and lonely from non-use.
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Dec 3, 2013
Where's the coffee mug?
Dec 3, 2013
Well, little Wallies; In a place far far away, in a time long ago, when men ruled; there was a thing they called w o r k.

...and doing this thing called w o r k - they got the first money so they could make more money.
Dec 3, 2013
Hah!! Scott is hammering the PHB these days!!!
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Dec 3, 2013
@cadb Well, someone always had to help Vegas to grow :)) It's Wally's shame he wasn't able to count to 21 ... Easy come, easy go :))
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