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Dec 7, 2013
Exactly why I don't use facebook... Twitter on the other hand allows you to send messages to anyone: @iamsambee; @sarahKsilverman; @themichaelcaine; @billclinton. And you'll feel like you've been a part of a conversation with these people even though you'll never get any kind of response as they all have thousands or millions of followers and yet you still get to feel you're part of a community... Twitter is like an online methadone clinic for sociopaths... And because I actually follow all these people I feel they are my friends... Friends I forgive for being too busy to reply to me... I <3 you all...
Dec 7, 2013
Going rate for Twitter followers is 5 bucks per 1000. I wonder what it is for FB frends
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Dec 6, 2013
@ kate911 I'll just hire the guys at Prenda, after they get out of jail, to form a patent troll agency based on my comment. I always wanted a team of expert criminal lawyers fighting for me.
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Dec 6, 2013
What, Wally doesn't have any friends in Elbonia? All you really need is a computer like the one I use here at the Senior Center. It's old and wonderfully buggy. You can start Facebook, do a few responses, and then the computer freezes up and then you have to reboot it manually, go back to Facebook, and then log out. Do that a few times, and Facebook, Schmacebook....
Dec 6, 2013
What most of ones 'friends' post is absolute dreck. I do not care that you had a hard day at work and are on you way home to have a beer, and I most certainly don't care what your food looks like. Those friends can easily be deleted from ones news feed. On the other hand, I do care about what some real friends and family are doing (within reason), or enjoy humorous posts (like mine, just for an example). Facebook IS a waste of time, but what else is time for? Work? FB is a 21st century equivalent of the telephone. Have fun with it.
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