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Dec 8, 2013
W O R K I N G ? ? ?
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Dec 8, 2013
Nah, Wally is useless, not lazy. Being useless is a 24 hour a day job.

I haven't yet seeing one Wally vs Dogbert strip.

I wonder who would win. The unmovable object or the irresistible force.
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Dec 8, 2013
Two Creepy ones in a row....
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Dec 8, 2013
Hmm! It sounds like Wally could be management material after all. He'd have the same reactions, (if he took those standards seriously, which admittedly, he wouldn't) and he scored high on the sociopath scale. And his 'colorful' browser history, too! well! Let them eat cake! With coffee!

Gotta say tho, I have to agree with Dogbert that the look on the faces of CEO and PHB in reaction to eating lots of cake is creepy.
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Dec 8, 2013
And the PHB and CEO have the nerve to criticize Wally for eating his cake.
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