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Dec 9, 2013
hey Eraserhead! put a sock on it and dock it! (could be a good opportunity for Asok to do some of his energy manipulation tricks and blow the shine off that ignorant bald head)

(that, or - Mitt Romney, is that you???)
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Dec 9, 2013
I hate unjustified superiority. CEO is superior Asok in just a coincidence. His ability to lead is equal to ability of little dog to pee the top of the boundary stone...
Dec 9, 2013
Indeed! Live, breath, eat and s#!t like a regular person.
The only real difference being he does the latter from a great height, all over everyone else.
Dec 9, 2013
ASOK in for a SHOCK treatment ... again ;D
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Dec 9, 2013
Boats? I presume you have at least two, because I don't touch people who owns only one boat.
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