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Dec 14, 2013
A good dilbert strip is when that makes you laugh and say "been there, heard that". Whoever worked as an employee for 2 years heard this. Fantastic one!
Dec 14, 2013
This is like my four time divorced father giving me marriage advice.
Dec 14, 2013
When politicians start walking around with facial damage I'll start believing they fought for me. Until then, it's just rhetoric.
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Dec 14, 2013

Alice is distraught because she thinks PHB WILL make a case for her promotion - so with his track record of competence and success she's totally doomed!
Dec 14, 2013
Upper management approves the raises and only knows what middle management tells them. If Alice is effective then it is to the credit of PHB not Alice. Upper management hires middle management therefore the middle managers must be utilized and believed.
The 'Art of the Employee' necessitates impressing directly upper management while simultaneously remaining on the good side of the PHBs. Raises will flow.
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