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Dec 21, 2013
and the salary raise pool is fixed, so the amount of your raise is dependent on how well you can bad mouth your peers (in a creative way that does not sound like bad mouthing)
Dec 21, 2013
I'm really tired of the "unions destroy productivity" stories. Anecdotes do not equal evidence. And as unions wane in membership, the middle class shrinks and serfdom sets in.
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Dec 21, 2013
Everyone in this company seems to take solace in large amounts of coffee, as Alice is now demonstrating....if the coffee maker quits the whole joint is gone, man, gone....
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Dec 21, 2013
Is it sad I feel Alice's pain here?
I actually ended up losing a good job because I didn't slow down my pace and got over 6 months ahead in my work..

Since it was a Union place, and I wasn't a member yet, well.. apparently working that hard is a VERY bad thing. Was only there a month.

I love that analogy, I always got a kick out of the "Jury of your peers" thing. It just never sat right.
Dec 21, 2013
My first full time was at 18 with the federal government. I was working cases using microfilm (this was in 1970) and one day, while on a bit of a roll, two coworkers came to my desk and told me, 'Rick, it's break time. You have to stop working or you will raise the production level for all of us.' I started to laugh knowing they were kidding, but when I saw their faces realized that they were being quite serious. I couldn't imagine being told not to work as hard. An example of unions at their very worst.
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