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Dec 28, 2013
A feature to gmail? NOW I am impressed!
Dec 27, 2013
It's like a famous singer anonymously performing in a karaoke club, but in real life if you put an over-qualified person into a mundane position, no one is going to recognize or promote this person. Instead he/she will deteriorate and become frustrated by regulations and office politics.
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Dec 27, 2013
I have never seen Dilbert's tie and hair react like that. Wow. If the cloud gets too obnoxious, get Alice to make him provide electrical power for the entire building - they're gonna save money on this guy one way or the other....
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Dec 27, 2013
Its obvious that Dilbert's hair gel cannot withstand the arrogance from the energy life-form.
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Dec 27, 2013
It looks like he has evolved in a Little Cloud of his own.

If someone *used to work* at a great place, I'd wonder why they were fired.
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