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Jan 2, 2014
The PHB chose a grey suit so he can blend in with the color of the cubicle walls so he can sneak up on people more easily. As usual, Dilbert is way ahead of him...
Jan 2, 2014
The problem with "experts" is that in most cases, the people whose job it is to determine a person's level of expertise are idiots who possess no practical knowledge of the application in question.
If you ask a monkey in a tree (or a business suit) for his opinion on a hippo's expertise at swimming, how much does his estimation really count for?
Jan 2, 2014

Thanks for making me feel further disconnected from my own generation than I already am... I have a massive disdain for twilight... vampires DON'T sparkle.
Jan 2, 2014
But what if I'm 38 and my audience is late-twenties?

My slides are Beowulf, but they want Twilight. Those don't mix well:

"The test engineer's muscles flexed as he lifted his cable assembly and began the slow walk towards the aircraft. As he crossed the flightline he knew that if his mission planning software failed, the entire project was doomed for eternity. His grip tightened on his test set and he remembered the last words that the Master Engineer had spoken to him...

"The clouds parted and the sun shifted, casting an unearthly glow over the helicopter. As the morning dew glistened on the rotor blades, an ethereal shimmer passed across the airframe. He felt a feely feeling he had not felt before. He knew it was love. He knew he had to help the helicopter escape. But first, and most importantly, he knew he had to stand there and brood as he gazed at his impossible love.

(Yeah, it's a slow start at work for the new year.)
Jan 2, 2014
If day after day the boss is a source of aggravation -
It may not be the boss
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