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Jan 11, 2014
@nelkins yep, good times at the Rocky Mountain High.

I love my State, my Canadian Girlfriend says it's like Canada with Guns. Though she still holds their healthcare over my head...
Jan 11, 2014
Ah, so that's why she has big hair! har!
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Jan 10, 2014

You from Colorado, too?
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Jan 10, 2014
The tendency of dividing the world also promotes market swings and allows the very few to control the many.

After all, governments (and the corporations behind them), needs the people to believe they are needed. When there are no natural threats artificial ones are created to justify the yearly mugging of the population.
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Jan 10, 2014
what if the small creature does persecution, stains culture, does not respect life, instead of rubbing your scalps, do you wish to get rid of it?
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