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Jan 16, 2014
The problem is the CEO trying to specify the technology to be used for his "vision". My understanding is that making something "electric" is the 1950's version of the "latest technology" (kind of like the "Main Street Electrical Parade" at Disneyland).
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Jan 15, 2014
Elon Musk - isn't that some kind of cologne?
Jan 15, 2014
Or try Mr. Tesla's method, maybe?
Jan 15, 2014
The CEO has provided the vision. It is now just a matter of Dilbert filling in the technical details. I was just reading recently that wireless power transmission technology has advanced to the point where (in the lab) it can be done practically at distances of a foot or more. Dilbert just needs to make a few tweaks and he can dispense with the power cord.
Jan 15, 2014
Planet Hollywood? That's the closest.
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