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Jan 27, 2014
You've worked here even longer than I have. So your own performance is mediocre at best. [pause for later editing] Give me a rise, or I'll send this recording to the psychopathic domehead.
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Jan 27, 2014
Loyalty is never rewarded. The only way to get a pay rise is to go elsewhere.

Some will offer more money once you hand in your notice but, by then, it's too late. You don't want to upset your prospective employer by turning down the offer you accepted as you will be reapplying to them in a years time when you fail to get another decent rise.
Jan 27, 2014
"top performers" are defined by the ability to negociate higher pay. It has nothing to do to the productivity or to the shadowy part of work.

And "big data" = another way to say statistics. 4th level in the art of lying, numbers are just made out of thin air.

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Jan 27, 2014
This would only be logical if ALL top performers left for higher pay.
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Jan 27, 2014
Sadly I have seen this conversation in real life... What's worse I was at the receiving end for the most parts :|

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