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Feb 5, 2014
In past years, panels showing Wally and Dilbert retaining their usual slimness by eating hamburgers and french fries....perhaps the company should only have "Cake Friday" to extend their employees lifetimes without jepardizing them too much....
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Feb 4, 2014
"If you would like to shave off a couple extra years, in favor to the present; I would suggest smoking. "
The problem with using smoking to cut off 15 years, the problem (for many) is that it doesn't cut off 65-80, but 55-70. I have a number of smoking friends who have aged MUCH more than their peers ahead of time. One just died after a miserable five year stretch in his late fifties (cancer). Another is in his mid-sixties but is as restricted as a sickly 80 year old, and he had actually quit after his first stroke.
Feb 4, 2014
But we don't see Wally having this problem. He would NOT trade 20 years of his life.
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Feb 4, 2014
vseavno: 'Healthy mind or healthy body....we give you a choice.'

You forget that all the company cares about is 'Healthy bottom line'. That's the choice.
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Feb 4, 2014
@TwinTails0 How ironic. I just recently started smoking a pipe. For exactly the reasons you mentioned.
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