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Feb 7, 2014
Perhaps red shirt would be able to ingratiate himself with Alice by putting a sign on her desk which would read: "Attitude Adjustments Done Here". If he were suicidal.....
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Feb 6, 2014
@LM You do not know Alice. She is single married only to her job. She represents the career oriented females that let work took their lives and then complain when their biological clock runs out. Then they get desperate. Finally they get angry of something that they have only themselves to blame.

Note to myself, never wear a red shirt to work.
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Feb 6, 2014
This is Alice's threat display. She makes everyone around her aware that she could maim or kill if provoked. This is less work than actually using the fist of death. It is a lot of work to clean an arm after it has passed all the way through a clueless middle manager. I imagine it is unpleasant to be in the area, when Alice uses the fist of death. The splatter has got to be icky. Thus Dilbert is trying to get the new guy to understand Alice.

Just like in the wild, threat displays don't always work, and some poor creature gets used as an example.
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Feb 6, 2014
It's because she's a working mom who gets home in time to cook dinner, check homework, and put the kids to bed before she tackles the dishes, bills, bathroom cleaning, volunteer assignments for school, and all the other things she has to do between 9 and 11 p.m.

If she has teenagers, she also has to drive them places and wait up until they need to be picked up, feed their friends, and maybe even drive them home.

That's why.
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Feb 6, 2014
Mean people suck! And u can be sure no person deserves that kind of violation! NO ONE! For which I know there is no remorse! Unbelievable people like that exist and lead happy love fun fulfilled lives. While enjoying making fun others.
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