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Mar 5, 2014
I love how from time to time dear Scott pulls one on the readers. The bait is so obvious, yet there is always a bunch who will bite and rage. "I will go do gay things" come on, people.
Special mention for the sad few wo apparently are the voice of the Great Majority (they always are, they always will ennounce their biases as "we, the people"). Sorry to break it to you, fundies, but the Great Majority does not actually care, never has and never will aside for a "hey, guess who is gay, yay/eww" moment of gossiping. Some people are gay, most gays are people, deal with it.
Finally, do you get that, being the characters who they all, they all could be gay and it would not matter? The have no amorous or social life anyway!
Mar 2, 2014
shocking, wild, thank you!
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Feb 11, 2014

You are absolutely right that social behaviour is learned.
But you are absolutely wrong in your assumption that sexuality is a facet of social behaviour.

Acting or not upon the impulses that are driven by ones sexuality can be 'controlled' by learned social behaviour, and I think that's where you are confused.

Being a gay guy is not a choice, but whether to partake in homosexual sex acts is.

It is sad that such a post got so many thumbs-up without anyone picking up on its flaw.
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Feb 11, 2014
@free_flyer: From what I understand the ruling essntially says "courts don't make laws, that's up to the parliament" so that's why they overruled the previous decision. Is that right ?
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Feb 10, 2014
Ah, Scott... It might have been better to set up a pro-jihad character. Office humor and the constant daily irrational arguments in regards to religion, sex or government make for extreme hypersensitivity and few, if any laughs.
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