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Feb 7, 2014
Why do so many people read so much into a simple, silly cartoon? It is like George Carlin explaining his day at the checkout at the grocery store when the lady says "Have a nice day!" Maybe he doesn't want to have a nice day.... Apparently, some people who read Dilbert don't want to have a nice day either, they'd rather stir up emotion and strife....rather an unfortunate way to spend their time and others in a country where so many lives were given for the freedom of expression. Sad, just sad....hang your heads in shame fallen soldiers.....
Feb 7, 2014
I get two papers each morning, the Seattle times and the Herald examiner from Everett wa Both have Dilbert so imagine my surprise when the small town Herald used this comic and the seattle times used a substitute. Hilarious I have not stopped laughing, first about the comic and second about seattle. Is Isok the first gay comic character? I am not aware of any others, although there are a few suspect ones in other strips. thanks for the laughs and also a poignant comment on the first day of the Olympics, go USA. cheers,
Feb 7, 2014
@shouldbeworking My, what a lot of big words you use without justifying even one of them. Equality is equality. One is for it or against it. There is nothing difficult about it. Everyone is deserving of the same opportunity. At least that is the theory in America where I live. The same chance for all. That is a fact. It cannot be denied. I'll stand by that statement without attacking you at all (save perhaps a little kidding about the 'big' words). One believes it or they don't. I believe it. And I'll continue to believe it regardless of arguments to the contrary. And I'm proud of myself for doing so.
Feb 7, 2014
Rickapolis, way to combine what an amazing plethora of fallacies into one little bundle! You're got strawman, ad hominem, false dichotomy, false equivalence, and perhaps even a little reductio ad absurdum in there.

So according to you, anyone opposed to whatever you choose to define equality as is a monster. How brave.

And before you start attacking me personally, I have no opposition to gay, polygamous, or any other variety of marriage, relationship, or whatever people choose to do. I just take offense to specious arguments.

By the way, when you start to have groups of people decided what is and isn't allowed? That's called 'political', not a 'belief'...
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Feb 7, 2014
Read Scott's blog: Dilbert isn't pro-gay, it's pro-none-of-your-business.
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