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Feb 10, 2014
In management-speak there's no common sense. Dilbert can be ticked for lack of initiative and for taking dangerous initiatives and being irresponsible and insubordinate.
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Feb 10, 2014
A win-win for the PHB. Passing the buck to Dilbert and still not having to give him any credit.
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Feb 10, 2014
There is always a problem with asking for more during a quiet spell. As soon as you do, everything goes haywire. Those quiet projects will hit major flaws and all will need your full attention. And the new work will need to be started as soon as possible to meet its deadline due to ordering of long lead items.
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Feb 10, 2014
Well, I wonder what is the other way... Regarding PHB no one really knows :)
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Feb 10, 2014
Never underestimate the ability of employees to live down to expectations.
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