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Mar 12, 2014
I recently upgraded to a Samsung Note3, and get many comments regarding it being larger than the average I-Phone.

I initially went for that cute little phone, but the inadequately tiny screen made usage by someone with man-sized hands quite impractical. As a Wacom user, the stylus oriented functions are also more preferred and is quite a more effective “tapping finger”. For me, the Note3 fits my proportions and is more of a hand held computer than a small-handed-ladies fashion accessory.

It seems to have found that sweet spot of proportion between smart phone and small tablet. I do admit it will not slide into “skinny pants” or a ladies clutch very well, especially once properly Otter-Boxed, but fashion will eventually follow technology. Just look at the new chest pockets on jackets that are now common.

But by all means, not knocking the little phones. The Dainty Handed need to text as well.

*not a paid endorsement, no I-Phone's were harmed in posting this comment*
Mar 12, 2014
Smiling Tom:

I bet Princess Vespa gives great helmet!
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Mar 12, 2014
OY VEY... SCHVARTZ...I AM TELLIK YOU IT IST SCHVARTZ MINE SCHVARTZ IST BIGGER. after all, I AM the Yogurt who can do a Yiddish accent.. but we must take a long look at our SCHWARTZENGRUBBERS... (with do regard to Mel...again and again...) Folks not in the know...Side references to Robin Hood--Men in Tights AND Blazing Saddles...
Mar 12, 2014
I see your Schwartz is as big as mine.

Thank you Mel.

PS: for those uninitiated, see "Spaceballs"
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Mar 12, 2014
Talking on such a large phone, one must adopt walkie-talkie protocol and say "Over" to signal when to shift the phones from ear to mouth.
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