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Mar 18, 2014
Once again the PHB finds himself sliding under the bus, coffee cup firmly in hand - without the slightest idea that it's happening....I am beginning to get the impression that Wally has been giving classes for the other employees on how to handle the PHB...and your thoughts?
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Mar 18, 2014

A lost Apple product?
Mar 18, 2014
@BoredToDeath, from what I've seen in my 'research' in the archives, this has been a long-standing problem. If anyone really cares, they should probably use the 'contact us' form and hope it is routed to the webmaster: http://www.dilbert.com/contact_us/. So many people focus on every little detail of how a page looks, but can't be arsed to deal with the fundamentals like validation or proper encodings...
Mar 18, 2014
If you go to site http://validator.w3.org and enter dilbert.com, you get the following analysis:

A fatal error occurred when attempting to transcode the character encoding of the document. Either we do not support this character encoding ("utf-8lias") yet, or you have specified a non-existent character encoding (often a misspelling).

I do hope that the site developer is sometimes reading the comments here!
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Mar 18, 2014
Crap. You'd think a web page as savvy as Scott Adams' would be able to display UTF-8. :(
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