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Mar 20, 2014
I know I'm a cynic. I worked long and hard to get here and it is the one true joy of my empty existence.
Mar 19, 2014
Is there any real difference between cynicism and realism in the corporate world? Does anything good come out of a corporate environment? And should the guy I work with who is experiencing "job satisfaction" be tranquilized to the eyeballs and hauled off to the funny farm?
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Mar 19, 2014
The difference between a realistic and a cynic is that the cynic only focus on the negative while the realistic also takes into account the positive.

Reality is not a 100% negative.
Mar 19, 2014
@khpage: to heck with Wally, I wanna see Alice's reaction!
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Mar 19, 2014
I don't know where you heard it either, but Oscar Wilde said it first.
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