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Mar 29, 2014
Oh wow, I so loled.

Nice that Scott updated it to a billion dollars -- that gave it some real emphasis.

And no, Eduardo2007, it's not human nature: it's "convenient memory". Most, if not all, company managers have one.
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Mar 29, 2014
Bureaucratic dicktums must never be violated for any reason.
Induhvidualism must be crushed.
Zero tolerance policy!
It is the will of Landru (catbert?).
Mar 29, 2014
It's sad how the companies remember failures, but not achievements of the employees.

As an intern, I gave a little tips on how to save around $100,000. And still they remmmeber only a little fail.

Maybe it's human nature. Sad.
Mar 29, 2014
@s.poonia: She didn't; she saved a million, and the PHB was always a words guy, and he's having a fuzzy day.
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Mar 29, 2014
It's happened before:
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