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Apr 9, 2014
@TRich: I would said your first comment fell victim of the Poe Law
(Sufficiently advanced parody would be indistinguible from the real extremist)
I myself thought it totally serious at first.

@RxF: In all fairness the quote "they all had the personality to change the world" sounds not only neutral, but is technically true, and is easy to have some sort of fascination for the kind of force that drives the goddam cogs of history, and such !$%*!$%* as the controversial Genghis Kahn who could do great, if terrible things. Not that I' m trying to compare those three !$%*!$%* to the Kahn.

@kaffekup, In total seriousness, we need a "sarcasm font".
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Apr 2, 2014
@Coogles ".. / .- - . / -... . .- -. ... "

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Mar 31, 2014
Gosh - I did get it wrong, didn't I? But here is Michael Holroyd's biography of Shaw: "But why should he apparently advocate Mosley or Mussolini, Stalin or even Hitler as leaders to be followed? Putting this question to him in 1934 [fellow-Fabian] Beatrice Webb protested that Mosley, Mussolini and Hitler had 'no philosophy, no notion of any kind of social organisation… what was the good of it all?' … Shaw asserted that they all had the personality to change the world and that [the fascist] Mosley was 'the only striking personality in British politics.' … Beatrice was not convinced. 'This strange admiration for the person who imposes his will on others, however ignorant and ugly and even cruel that will may be, is an obsession which has been grown on GBS,' she reflected."
Now I concede that Michael Holroyd's five-volume biography is not going to impress a man whose mother teaches English, and who is himself a bit of a satirist, but be fair - at least I go to a real book for my information. Volume 3, page 113, if you would like to check.
Incidentally, my father was a doctor, but I am not sure that i would be safe to take out your appendix.
Mar 31, 2014

I am SO sorry that we didn't understand the history lesson underlying your satire.

May I suggest that, in the future, you use the satire/sarcasm font so we who are ignorant of every detail of history do not take your two-line comments seriously?
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Mar 31, 2014
.. / .- - . / -... . .- -. ...
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