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Apr 1, 2014
Arthur, I am impressed! Please tell us how you can know the future.
Apr 1, 2014
Sorry, I'm with rxantos (in the comments) on this one:

For example, tomorrow's strip has him doing A-B testing.
Mar 31, 2014
Jeez, all I though of when I read this was that old 'Buzz Word Bingo" card someone sent me through E-mail. (Actually it was "Bullshirt Bingo" but we all know how picayune the censor is).
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Mar 31, 2014
I like Wally's strategy - do as little as possible and get paid to do it. Operationalizing it is nearly effortless. Just show up and start drinking coffee.....
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Mar 31, 2014
ArthurDent, using it in sociology does not make it a word. Same principle as others have noted: It makes the person seem smart, in his/her own opinion.
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