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May 1, 2014
How Not To Give A Presentation: http://www.bmj.com/content/321/7276/1570 (BMJ 2000;321:1570).
Excerpts: Preparing for a bad presentation -- ...A really bad presentation needs careful preparation. A useful standby is to prepare for the wrong audience. If asked to speak to Italians speak in German. ...[Another trick is to] ignore the topic you are given. Simply give the bad presentation that you have honed to the point of perfection by deleting anything that raises a flicker of interest. ... You may be able to enhance your bad presentation by sending the organisers in advance a long and dull curriculum vitae. Your presentation may then be prefaced by the chairman reading out your whole boring life story in a monotone. If you are lucky you might find yourself beginning your presentation after you were supposed to finish. ... Bad slides are the traditional standby of a bad presentation. There must be far too many. They must contain too much information and be too small for even those in the front row to read. Flash them up as fast as you can, ensuring that they are in the wrong order with some upside down. Be sure to say at some point, “I know that this slide breaks all the rules but …” Ideally there should be little connection between what you are saying and what is on the slide. A good trick, especially with a politically correct audience, is to insert a slide of a naked woman and say something like, “My beautiful assistant is, I'm sure you will all agree, a little top heavy.” ... Try to torture your audience. Speak for about 10 minutes and then say, “This is what I'm going to talk about.” Then after another 20 minutes say, “I'm now coming to my central point.” Ten minutes later, start saying, “Finally.” Say it at least five times in the next 15 minutes. ... [etc.]
May 1, 2014
Bosses usually haven't a clue what it is the company actually makes (specific items, not in general). MBAs are not engineers. Make it short and simple.
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May 1, 2014
Sadly a lot of the deep meaning and subtlety will be lost on the audience: The pun on "it" vs I.T., the straining of grammar to highlight the pervasiveness of technology throughout history, etc.
May 1, 2014
I'd like to say non-engineers are hired for their language skills and managerial savvy, so Dilbert has unnecessarily dumbed down the slide. Unfortunately, there are non-engineers who are poor at grammar, dumb at managing, and know nothing about technology; it's a mystery why they continue to draw a salary. And I'm not just taking about PHB. They're out there.
May 1, 2014
Dilbert actually made a slide for PHB. Lol, singular.
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