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May 5, 2014
But wouldn't this mean getting 24 minutes a week off work to do something charitable? I used to easily spend that much time each week writing emails for a committee I chaired at church. It would have been nice to be able to do it on work time. At least, to do it without guilt on work time.
May 5, 2014
To paraphrase Rick Blaine in 'Casablanca', "I'm the only charity I worry about."
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May 5, 2014
How about single parents suffering in the cube all day then going home and taking care of the busy family, aka - *the second job*?

No matching corporate-tshirt-tree planting-photo op for the company news letter, just the daily taking care of business that PHBs never recognize for advancement - that went to front and center photo-op guy with no kids at home.

Sorry, just channeling a very old complaint.
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May 5, 2014
I was always really good at math until we got to addition and subtraction....
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May 5, 2014
Average work week = 40 hours = 2400 minutes.
Which charity should I donate my 24 minutes a week to? Maybe I should let them fight over me.
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