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Jul 1, 2014
My time in the military in a nutshell...
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Jun 30, 2014
and all during that time, Wally was at his job making sure the coffeemaker was adjusted properly...
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Jun 30, 2014
I never did complete my company's mandatory safety training. I sit a desk on the computer all day... what could possibly go wrong? Paper cut? It's been more than 6 months since the last time I blew it off. Pretty sure HR just gave up on me :)
Jun 30, 2014
> ... to maintain productivity by consuming great amounts of tobacco products ...

Sir, that's not tobacco manglers smoked.
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Jun 30, 2014
They make us do mandatory online training. The training is painless, but dumb, and I wouldn't mind doing it from home, off the clock. (My hours at work are limited because of budget cuts.) But it's on the internal network, so I have to do it from the office, which prevents me from doing what I should be doing.

Of course, it's internal because it's top secret stuff that they can't make available from outside, like "You're not allowed to accept bribes from vendors."
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