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Jul 6, 2014
They are not "idiots" just evil puppets that where selected (not elected).

I know I am going to get thumbs downs for saying this, but what the ...

Republicans = Democrats.

All bought and paid for since 1913. Year a privately own cartel of banks was given unconstitutional control of the money supply of the USA. Unconstitutional, as the constitution gives congress this task and is not given permission to delegate it to a privately owned entity. Much less one without any accountability.

Their only real difference between Republicans and Democrats is that Republicans use the army to bomb other countries while Democrats finance terrorist to bomb other countries. Otherwise they are pretty much the same.

They both worship money as their god and the Unconstitutional "Federal" Reserve as their master. And since the inceptions of computers on the voting system, they do not give a rat ... about their constituents. As he who votes decides nothing. He who program the vote counting machines decides everything.

Jul 6, 2014
So, you mean people tend to choose idiots as they leaders just because they make them feel superior to others?

Idiots that will do stupid things, like ruining the country and waging a trillion dollar war based on fake evidence?

And then when !$%* hits the fan, they would just choose someone else to clean the mess up and blame him for the country being ruined?

And nobody would stand up and claim responsibility for their own stupidity in the first place?

Can you imagine that? Where in the world would you find such epic idiocy.
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Jul 6, 2014

Point to the PHB (he rarely gets them anyway). Just because you are convinced that yours is the smartest path, *and it may well be*, doesn't mean that everyone will follow. A very critical aspect of leadership is making the case for why your vision for how to proceed is the best way forward. Do it successfully, and your people buy into the project and will try their damnest to make it so. Fail, and you will see epic displays of passive aggressive behavior.
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Jul 6, 2014
Eduardo, in my place of tourture those that show leadership and are NOT middle managment, who ensure projects run smoothly and try to stay withing the budjet are call scapegoats. The manager takes credit for the work of those below him so that he will shine, and uses those below him for giving the blame to when thinks don't work out. (Usually because the manager went and got more involved.)
Jul 6, 2014
Who hired them, indeed. I often wondered, when after a week it became very obvious that a new hire was incompetent, what was the thought process that cause management to make the hire in the first place. I always wanted to ask, 'WHAT THE **** WERE YOU THINKING?".
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