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Jul 16, 2014
@BrockTungsten: I'm not sure how to cancel the ad when they stop paying, is all.
Jul 15, 2014
Dilbert is such a whiner. I bet he complains when DHB takes away his soul as well.
Jul 15, 2014
@rohankhan17 - it *did* work for Blackberry, just not the way they hoped. The "problem" is that nobody likes to be subjected to a blinding flash, so any advertising connected with it has a negative association, not a positive one. i.e. "Blackberry = negative experience = change behaviour to avoid Blackberry in future". Any company doing this could find it working against them rather than for them.
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Jul 15, 2014
Wally is so private that most of the time no one knows if he's in the building or not - except if they're keeping an eye on the coffeepot whose level seems to go down by itself...
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Jul 15, 2014
And this is why he is the CEO while Dilbert is a nobody.
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