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Dec 4, 2014
Reminds me of this exchange from the TV series.
PHB: "Plaques don't grow on trees!"
Dilbert: "Aren't plaques made of wood?"
PHB: "........ Yes."
Dilbert: "Then they do grow on trees."
PHB: "Why do you ask questions you already know the answer to?"
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Jul 16, 2014
Scott, you are always funny, but I think you have been extra funny the last few weeks or so. Wish I could send you a cookie.
Jul 16, 2014
dilbert's mistake is quoting the actual cost of the trial. had he inflate the number to include a mansion, a few sports cars and an expensive trophy wife (and inevitable alimony payments) into the trial cost, PHB would've approved it in a jiffie... after he inflates it further with his cut.
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Jul 16, 2014
1 panel too many for mine.
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Jul 16, 2014
Rstoddart - I can think of two such men who started their now very successful businesses from their garages - Bill Ruger of Ruger firearms fame, and Albert J. Amatuzio of Ams/Oil. As you noted, no doubt there are many others as well. Dilbert should go talk to the Elbonians and get them to grow the trees and harvest them as well and pay them in free coupons to Disneyland....
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