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Aug 9, 2014
"How not to do it" reminded me of this:
but it's not quite the same thing.
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Aug 7, 2014
Tina should hand this project off to Carol. I bet she could make it un-boring.
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Aug 7, 2014
All Tina needs to do is get a nice file folder, put three blank pages in it, wrap it up with some colorful wrapping and a bow, and give it to the PHB for Christmas....
Aug 7, 2014
This is the leadership advice that goes, "Work smarter, not harder", "A good manager leads by example", "The only reason to have meetings is to make decisions", and "Hire people smarter than you" right? How, exactly, has that turned out for PHB? Yeah, that's what I thought. I'm not sure if 'boring' is the right word.
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Aug 7, 2014
tru dat
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